A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Live Energy is our life force, our 'Prana'

Everyday the sun rises with powerful Live Energy, heat and that positive natural energy and feeling that vibrates through us every minute we are in front of this great planet.The ocean moves with incredible power and Live Energy also. Our forests also have incredible soulful energies and the greatest nutrients for our bodies and mind.

The plants grow, the air is cleaned, nature is doing it's important jobs every minute of the day. As do our bodies, cleaning, storing energy, growing new cells, skin etc.

These natural powerful energies all work together, as do our cells, organs and mind.

Our bodies are made of five trillion cells and every cell is it's own world.

The mind is the key to a healthy life and body.

Diet, supplements, meditation, yoga and exercise is all part of a healthier future for ourselves and our families.

When we bring all these factors together, our lives will be happy and healthier.

God has created a world of high vibrating conscious energy foods and places for us to heal and feel better.

Don't wait for resolutions, get out there today and make a change for the better. Get to the beach, maybe a mountain walk, try camping, what about a yoga class, so much to do in this beautiful place we call earth. 

Try the healthier food just for a change, who knows,  you just mite feel a little better after it, you never know you mite swap that fast food for something healthy. Better nutrients means more energy, more energy means happier times.

All it takes is the decision to say yes, I am going to make the change, because I have the power to do so..

Plant the seed, plant it every morning as soon as your eyes open, your first thought is the seed, plant it deep and strong, ‘today is going to be an awesome day’.  Water it with positive thoughts and energy.  Anything else just let it go..

I want to live with Live Energy, vibrant health and a happy, positive future.

Let the force of natures Live Energy be with you..

Get out there and enjoy!!

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