Mind Over Food.

Mind Over Food.

Health starts in the mind or does it?

Think about it for a second...

When your belly is full it’s the first internal response is to communicate to your mind, hey I’m full ! . The mind either responds yes ok or no I’m going to finish this plate and then have some more. The body knows it’s nutritional requirements. It’s either our hunger for taste, addiction or comfort that’s puts us in a state of more food. All three can be unhealthy if you are not being aware.

My point is to be aware of your food intake, when your belly talks, listen. You will feel better for it later. Gaining control of your eating will not only help your health but it will give you an incentive to use that new gained awareness and strength in other places in your life.

Do I want to feel bloated and uncomfortable again?

This habit brings about negative feelings and mindset of yourself. Because again you have let yourself down and now here comes the uncomfortable body and mind experience.

Easy digestible, high nutritional foods are best.

As a snack try fruit, a healthy high energy smoothie or vegetable juice. Your body will love you for it and you will feel better.

Create new habits for yourself and watch your habits be picked up by others, including your kids. 

Eating bigger meals for breakfast and lunch, and a small meal at night is the key to using the energy from your food and not going to bed bloated, digesting large amounts of food while your asleep. This only leads to bad sleep patterns, waking up tired and fat storage.

Finding balance in having a tasty meal and a healthy meal is the key.

Food is a social part of life now more then ever, it can be enjoyed , tasty and still nourish the body.

So take control of what you eat, when you eat and how much.

Be the change you what to see.

 Enjoy your day and enjoy your food.

 Let the Force of Live Energy be with you!!

Yours in harmony and health




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