Eating for life

I named eating for life page because that’s what eating should really be.

What we eat, our bodies, mind and spirit become.

I am alive because of my change in diet and mindset 20 years ago.

Plant based eating is the greatest nutritional, vibrational energy stimulating way you will ever eat.

Our body requires live enzymes, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins on a daily basis.

Organic Fresh fruit and vegetables are our life source and life force.

Organic vegetable juice daily is full of live enzymes and easy digestible nutrients. Vegetable juice is rapidly absorbed into the body, hydrating, detoxing and nourishing.

Together with quality grains quinoa, rice , organic corn , maybe a little organic oats if you are not gluten intolerant. 

Beans occasionally and minimal nuts and seeds.

Powerful high antioxidant smoothies with our incredible pure products are going to detox your body, raise your energy, boost your immune system, decrease inflammation in your body, feed your whole system the nutrients your body is craving for.

What are you waiting for, make the change today , you won’t believe the difference in your energy and vitality.

More energy means a happier life, and more memories and adventures to be had.

Be conscious of your eating and conscious of your mindset.

Live Energy is all about conscious superfoods for conscious minded people.




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