Question 1.

Why take superfoods ?

Our lives have become busy, and less time to relax and higher stress has become the norm. Unfortunately our fruit, vegetables and grains have decreased in antioxidants, salvestrols, flavonoids, phytochemical’s minerals and vitamins. More people are eating processed foods and fast foods due to reduced time and laziness.

Our fresh fruit, vegetables and grains also have been sprayed with chemicals and these chemicals are in the cells of the plants. These chemicals stop the plants from producing salvestrols. Salvestrols are compounds in certain fruits and vegetables that protect the plants from disease. In humans, salvestrols cause apoptosis in cancer, cancer cell death.

Organic fruits and vegetables still contain salvestrols.

So there is two reasons to choose organic, they contain salvestrols and they don’t contain cancer causing chemicals.

Our superfoods are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and toxins.

Our moringa is the high percentage in protein in the world at just under 33% protein. 
Having a high natural protein content also contributes to a higher level of other nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, salvestrols, phytonutrients etc.

As we all have busy lives we need quality nutrients to keep healthy and full of energy.

At Live Energy Force we believe life should be lived and enjoyed every day. Do the things that make you feel good and enjoy the foods and superfoods that contribute to a better life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Recovery is one of the most important when keeping an active lifestyle and quality nutrients is paramount.

You are what you eat.

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality superfoods possible.

Get out there and enjoy your time with Live Energy Force.


Question 2.

What is moringa ?

Moringa Oleifera a plant that is grown in India, most of Asia and Africa.

Moringa has several names, the miracle tree, the drumstick tree, and the horseradish tree. 

The Moringa family has 13 different species and they all look different.

Moringa has been used for it's health benefits for over 4000 years.

Some of these benefits are..

Detoxification, more energy, anti-inflammation, antiviral, antibacterial and is anti-cancerous.

Moringa is about 30% insoluble fibre, which is great for digestion, micro-flora, balancing the blood and may reduce the chance of disease.

Our Moringa is very high in protein at just under 33%. 

Proteins from plants are so much more digestible and powerful to help the body recovery and repair tissue, muscle, build new cells and maintain homeostasis.  

Moringa is very high in minerals and vitamins also.

For more on our Moringa please visit the Moringa page on our website.


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