100% Pure Raw Mangosteen powder, 200gm
100% Pure Raw Mangosteen powder, 200gm

100% Pure Raw Mangosteen powder, 200gm

Live Energy Force

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Mangosteen is the Queen of all fruits.

Live Energy's Mangosteen is 100% pure and free from chemicals, pesticides and additives.

Our Mangosteen is pure rind or outer skin.

Mangosteen contains several powerful antioxidants.

Xanthones , alpha-mangostin, gamma-mangosteen,catechins and quinones.

Mangosteen has rare antioxidants that in testing have shown great value for scavenging free radicals at a higher rate then many other antioxidants.

Mangosteen supports a healthy immune system, may have anti-inflammatory properties, may help support blood sugar control, may have anticancer effects.

Live Energy's 100% pure raw Mangosteen may help promote the production of red blood cells, and supports heart, circulation, cardiovascular system and help balance blood sugar levels.

Mangosteen supports moods and sleep patterns by increasing natural tryptophan levels. Tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin.

Mangosteen supports healthy gums and skin.


1-2 teaspoons twice a day with a fruit smoothie or vegetable juice.

Our products are carefully selected and processed with no heat ,chemicals or extracting systems that use chemicals.  

Live Energy brings conscious minded people, 100% pure superfoods.

We have no claims of curing any sickness or disease.

We are very open in giving our clients the right information on what values and compounds our superfoods contain.

We make no claims on our products.