Pure and clean, chemical free, superfoods, herbs and super spices
supporting your internal and external environment.

Our products are grown and processed in a very unique way.

‘ We call them ‘conscious foods ‘

Food supplements for better health, self-healing, detoxification,
vibrant energy, and a better lifestyle.

The way nature intended.

Take Back Your Own Health

Natures purest gifts from the forests and plant world nourish the whole body, mind, and spirit. Take back your own health with pure superfoods created naturally for the conscious minded.

Enjoy life, make beautiful memories, and live with LIVE ENERGY!

Boosting Immunity

We are blessed in Australia to have so much citrus available to us, especially at this time. Making juices with combo of citrus fruits or adding a slice of lemon or lime to a cup of herb tea is always refreshing and beneficial.

If your using organic fruits, you can also once you’ve squeezed the juice content from the fruit, you can use the skin later, refrigerate or freeze, then grate into your smoothies.The skin is full of antioxidants, hesperidin and other flavonoids.

Fresh citrus fruit always increases our vitamin C ratio and brings vibrant energy to the body.Also incredible cleansing also takes place.As well as balancing our Ph levels.Citrus fruits boost immunity and reduce mucus and fight against respiratory infections and viruses.

Organic bitter citrus also contains Salvestrols
Enjoy !

Product Range At Live Energy Force

Essential Oils
Pain & Repair Cream


Grown with organic fertiliser, clean water, clean air and plenty of love.


Live Energy Force’s pure raw superfood blend causes an incredible synergetic affect, amplifying the active pure compounds to another level of support for your whole being.


NO Herbicides
NO Pesticides
NO Chemicals
NO Nasty Metals

Our Latest Product

Also available in capsules


I am very satisfied with the quality of the products from Live Energy Force. They have helped me a lot in my quality of life. The Essential oils are wonderful, in addition to the supplements, as Moringa, which is really effective! Thanks.

~ Maria - Mooloolaba ~

I cant stress enough how incredible these products are. I’ve used the oils, love them all, the pain and repair cream is so effective, everyone in pain must give it a go. I feel so energized taking the AEF powder.

~ Micky - Sunshine Coast ~

About Live Energy Force

At Live EnergyForce we promise to bring you the purest organically grown health stimulating, life changing products to you every time. We believe everything we need for good health and longevity is already in nature.

Together with the right mindset, a plant based lifestyle, yoga, meditation, love of life and a passion for health, nothing can stop us from making every moment enjoyable and creating great memories and incredible days.

Live Energy Force was started by Zane Archer, a former bodybuilder, powerlifter and personal trainer.

Zane has experienced years of serious illness, surgeries, tumors, many superbugs , diseases and treatments.

Now a qualified nutritionist, herbalist, healer, yogi and motivator for life. Zane has been studying and learning about nutrition , herbal medicine and health for over 30 years. Zane’s passion and compassion for helping the sick to turn their lives around is the most rewarding, spiritual and motivating experience possible, says Zane.

It’s Zane’s dedication to health and to help heal the sick, that brings the absolute greatest quality products available in the world to better your health.

Let the Force of Live Energy Force be with you and enjoy!