Super Immune Booster Bundle

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1x AEF powder 200g, 1x Papaya Leaf (200 Capsules), 1x Tigermu powder 200g and 1x Frankincense Oil:

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1x AEF powder 200g, 1x Papaya Leaf (200 Capsules), 1x Tigermu powder 200g and 1x Frankincense Oil:


Live Energy Force’s 100% pure raw paw paw leaf is grown with no chemicals, pesticides or harmful growth factors.

Live Energy Force’s pure raw paw paw leaf is high in protease enzymes, antioxidants, polyphenols , flavonoids, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Enzymes include , papain, chymopapain A,B and C. Chemopapain, cyclotransferase, glutamine, amylase and lysozymes.

Flavonoids include , lutein, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthins.

Minerals include at Mg/100g , Calcium 811, high in potassium at 3625,  magnesium 564, iron 10,9.

Live Energy’s paw paw leaf  helps digestion and may relieve heartburn, indigestion and bloating.

Research has shown that the enzymes in paw paw support a healthy stomach by reducing inflammation, support in repairing the lining of the stomach,  and may help breakdown the protective protein shell around cancer cells. This has been proven in research tests.

Lycopene is a carotenoid antioxidant that in studies has shown to be anti-cancerous, supports communication on a cellular level and importantly protects proteins, DNA, lipids and lipoproteins.

We make no claims, but please do your research on this topic.

May help improve blood platelets, may improve immunity, may help normalise blood sugar levels.

Our pure paw paw leaf powder also contains Acetogenins, this powerful long chain carbon compound has shown to disrupt cancer cells by blocking their internal energy source.

We make no claims on curing sickness or disease, but simply pass on the open information for you to research for yourself.

Please take 2 capsules with food or as a disease combating tool, please take in between meals.


Live Energy’s 100% pure raw Antioxidant Enzyme Force is a combination of Moringa and mangosteens powerful antioxidants , salvestrols, and powerful enzymes from pure paw paw leaf.

When we combine these three powerhouse superfoods, a synergistic effect takes place, working together well and amplifying each others benefits.  Some possible benefits of this combination are, stimulates the immune system, detoxes the body, helps digestion, supports the cardiovascular system, decrease inflammation, nourish the body with easily digestible nutrients. May help breakdown the protective protein shell around cancer cells.

These powerful superfoods have all shown to disrupt the formation of free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.

May also help Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis, leaky gut syndrome, IBS, digestion, cancer, infection, heart disease, circulation, arthritis and viruses.

Quality proteins, over 50 powerful antioxidants, over 100 nutrients, phytonutrients, packed with vitamins, minerals and a host of micronutrients.

Enzymes, papain, chymopapain A,B and C. Chemopapain, cyclotransferase, glutamine, amylase and lysozymes.

The possible anti-aging effect is also something to consider with this powerful combination of superfoods.

We make no claims on our products.

Please keep in a cool , dry place.

Nutritional information per 100g

Calories 185

Protein 18g

Carbohydrate 30g

Fat 3.5


Live Energy’s 100% pure Frankincense is from Somalia and is first quality every time. Our extraction process is by far the cleanest and purest form of extraction. You will know the difference once you smell and feel our Frankincense..

Our Frankincense can be blended with any organic 100% pure natural plant oil.

Great for your diffuser, topical with a carrier oil or straight on the body, but please not into open wounds, eyes or any open area of the body.


Tigermu is our new and exciting combination of organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic moringa and organic pepper.

Combining organic Tumeric with organic ginger, organic moringa and a touch of organic pepper brings together a powerful synergistic affect. These four phytonutrients contains multiple anti-inflammatories, multiple digestive enzymes, multiple fatty acids specially from our organic moringa. Moringa also contains many vitamins, minerals, 42 antioxidants and 96 nutrients.

As a qualified herbalist and nutritionist, this combination will be beneficial in reducing pain, inflammation, aching joints, arthritis, circulation, balancing blood sugar, And may help to control blood pressure.

There are many similar products on the market, but when you smell and taste Tigermu you will be amazed at the quality, texture and benefits you will experience.

Tigermu is antiviral, antimicrobial, Anti-cancerous, immune boosting, and detoxing to the whole body.

Tumeric contains Curcumin, a very powerful phytonutrient that is gaining more and more positive results in tests. Curcumin is a very powerful anti-inflammatory compound that is second to none.

Don’t be fooled though, not all Tumeric is clean or high in Curcuminoids.

Our Curcumin was tested by Southern Cross University Lismore.

The Curcumin combined was 7.75%.

Our Curcumin contains all three Curcuminoids.

Bisdemethoxy Curcumin , Demethoxy and Pure Curcuminoid , with a total of 7.75%.

Combining these powerful Curcuminoids with ginger, moringa and pepper will help digestion, reduce bloating, decrease excess mucus, benefit  the respiratory system and help in the wellbeing of our immune system.

Please add a teaspoon of Tigermu to your fruit smoothie or make a tasty, healthy golden latte by adding your choice of milk and natural sweetener.


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